Exterior Minimalism in Architecture Design

Minimalism often linked with Japan, where every minimalist design is became mainstream there. Japanese designers try to combine modern design with their localities. Actually, the point of minimalism style is reducing everything unimportant in design. The characteristics of the minimalist design are simple, explicit geometric form, clean fa├žade which undisturbed by ornaments.

exterior-minimalistMies van der Rohe, Germany architect who introduced basic design “Less is more”, that is producing a maximum design with minimal form or performance. The purpose of reducing in minimalism is performing the originalitiy and honesty of form and material
Minimalism design can be reached by doing these followings:
1. built-in storage system
2. reduce the size of window and door frame
3. transparent partition wall
4. open lay out
5. abolish an accentuation such as door handle on surface
6. reduce the size of modular connection
7. the same colour, texture and material on a surface