Exterior Design of Twin Minimalist House Design

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Exterior Design of Twin Minimalist House Design

Gara2 insomnia!

Gak tau jg iia sejak kapan gw punya penyakit insomnia gini. Dan agak nya emg udah parah. Tiap hari slaluu baru bisa tidur stelah subuh. Heran nya, klo siang gw tuh ngatuuuk bgt! Klo istirahat di skolah aja gw sering tidur, kadang pas pelajaran jg kok. Yaah, liat2 jg sii apa pelajarannya.

Tapi yg jelas, gw sampe kena marah mamipapi gw gara2 ini! Emang sii, gw jg yg salah sebenernya. Tp kan tetep aja mereka gak boleh dong ngatur jam tidur gw. Gimana jg gw udah dewasa, udah 18 taon! (Bewh, iia biasa aja dress). Masa jam tidur aja msh diatur2? Mereka itu nganggep gw gak sii!

And its make me annoyed with them. Not really, but I feel that. I will not respect them because of it, but I love them very much. I know, when I say __(something)__, it makes them hurt. But I must, to make them understand, to make them realize that they are adult. An adult should know what they should or shouldn’t do. And they may not forbid me about my life even I’m their daughter. They say that they know about dhamma, so they should know to control their emotion right? But yesterday, they shouted loud and angry me. Ckckck, it’s make me didn’t respect them again. But I can’t, I realize that they are my parents. And I will make them proud of me. I love them! And maybe they angry me for only 1 day, tomorrow they can forget it all.

Tadi nya gw pikir mau blajar pas malem2 itu, persiapan jg lah buat tes universitas minggu2 bsok. Tp krn ada kjadian gak enak gini, gk mood deh buat blajar lg. I cry for a minute, but I stopped quickly. Abis itu, gw baca2 buku aja yg gw beli di gramed tadi siang nya. Kbetulan memang ada bazaar murah gitu, jd gw beli buku byk! Mgkn jumat gw mau ksana lg, blom puas agak nya beli buku murah. Hhee.

jadi saiia baca ini td malem..

Get Backers Cosplay >> Midouban

Ban Midou, Adalah salah satu protagonis utama di Get Backers. Dikenal berbagai sebagai "The Man dengan Evil Eye" (Master of jagan) "The Genius dari Pertempuran", dia adalah "B" di Get Para pendukung. Dia 18 tahun dalam manga (21 di anime). dia merupakan cucu dari ratu penyihir "Terakhir dari abad ke-20" yang merujuk pada Ban namanya diterjemahkan berarti akhir. Ban adalah tokoh saudara-suka Himiko Kudo setelah ia datang untuk berdamai dengan kematian adiknya, dan kemudian ia mengungkapkan Ban sebenarnya terkait dengan nya dengan kerabat melalui kutipan Ratu Penyihir.
pada awalnya himiko tidak tahu bahwa ban merupakan kakanya, dan himiko menyukai ban sebagai gadis dan pria. 
sebelumnya aku pikir akan sangat sulit membuat cosplay tentang Midou Ban, mengingat rambut dia yang super lancip. ^^ tapi setelah melihat photo ini, woooow....sangat bagus dan lumayan mirip dengan aslinya. Banchan terlihat keren seperti di anime nya!  

Code Geass Cosplay >> Kozuki Kallen

Kallen is a Britannian-Eleven girls, who believed himself to be a Japanese person at heart and prefer known by his birth name. Her father is Britannian and her mother is an Eleven; his father comes from a prestigious Britannian family, who benefited from Kallen. She attends Ashford Academy, where he was a member of student council and is one of the most prominent students. with whom he had a deep relationship, is a former leader of the resistance organizations before his death.

Kozuki look very cute .... he really fits as Kozuki. nice cosplay!

Naruto Coslay >> Uchiha Itachi

tachi born within clan Uchiha and very praised by everyone as generation best, genius exceeding others. even according setandar fixation and Uchiha kemampuan Itachi very distant from ordinary person. However, even family, friends, or teachers can understand him. When he aged 4 years, Itachi already witnessed warfare, traumatized emotional himself and convert become a pacifist, later directing into she get Sharingan missing. At the age of 7 years, he graduated from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class after just one year, mastered the Sharingan at age 8 years old, graduated from the Chunin exam at age 10, and became ANBU captain at age 13.

she really admirable ^ ^.
but why source disaster for clan Uchiha, as ANBU Itachi must executing duty for annihilate traitor, that is his own clan. she perform massacre entire clan Uchiha with own hands, including his keluarganya.cuma one person impossible he kills, namely beloved brother Uchiha Sasuke.

ahem ... I thought for coplayer Itachi, no one is exactly what I imagined, no face that appeared Cosplayer sadness in his heart ^ ^. but no matter how they look cool with costum Itachi. I like that!

Exterior Design of Residental House

Modern Building Design ,Modern Building, Building Design, Building Exterior, Modern Exterior Design, Exterior Design

Exterior Design of Residental House

Naruto Coslay >> Anko Mitarashi

Anko mitarashi was once the student of Orochimaru. Later she, along with nine others, were branded with Orochimaru's Cursed Seals first ten of Heaven. Of the ten, Anko was the only one to survive, Establishing the one-in-ten chance of surviving the Cursed Seal. Orochimaru supposedly rejected Anko as a subordinate, Believing she did not have the lust for power or Vengeance needed to fuel the Cursed Seal. Orochimaru lost interest in her, though he believed there was some value in letting her live. She was glad to discover that she was not tossed away like trash as she had first thought by Orochimaru, but chose to leave Orochimaru Herself.
was a little review about Anko, and I think the Cosplayer in the photo above to fit a lot, similar to Anko I ever imagined. They look nice! I love cosplay .. \ (^ o ^) /

Naruto Coslay >> Naruto Uzumaki

Uzumaki Naruto is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Naruto. He is the main character in this series. He is described as a boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a jacket and orange pants. On the forehead there is a blue headband with the symbol of the village of his birth.

past naruto not smooth, her father, who is the 4th Hokage died when naruto was a kid, he died while fighting kyubi (nine tailed foxes), and he sealed the kyubi in his own son's body, which is Naruto!
I think cosplay naruto is not easy because the depiction of the face naruto not easy, very few people who face or expression similar to naruto. but there are a few photo above coplayer similar. It is very good! nice cosplay everything. >. <

Naruto Coslay >> Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha SasukeL also called a fictitious character) name sasuke comes from the name of a legendary ninja, who really existed in ancient times in Japan, which is Sarutobi Sasuke. Meanwhile, last name, "Uchiha" is read as "uchiwa", or "paper fan" (fan made of paper). At the time of ancient Japan, paper fans are often used in royal ceremonies, or used to protect soldiers from attack arrows. But according to the philosophy of Naruto comics, "uchiwa" is a fan that could rekindle the embers into flame, which describes the ability of the Uchiha clan can menggemblang their descendants became a great ninja.

Sasuke has a dark past, when she was little, the whole family and his clan had been slaughtered. and that the actor massacre, is Sasuke's brother.

hhummm sasuke! you look more sadistic in cosplay, anime characters instead ( "" o)! Great Job.