Modification Design Futuristik

This modif design futuristik and aerodinamis through firm lines in all over the bodi was enough to hypnotise the eyes. Everything of the two motors carried the spur kitchen have a capacity small, namely 125 cc that it seems was based on Hayate 125. Only cover the exterior machine (CVT and the magnet) was designed repeated with the concept more futuristik and elegant. Antara cover the machine and fender the wheel was drafted joined. That enough interesting was the plan setang stylish V that was carried by him. When in skutik-skutik now generally setang was covered cover, in the two concept primary schools precisely was made minimalis. Possibly followed tren in recent times. However not was significant without the indicator panel right. The device of the machine and the speed of the round reader continued to be available, but his dimension was made as on a small scale as possible that was positioned in the middle setang