Georgian Houses Exterior

Pretty grand, and of course that was the intention. Baths Georgian houses were largely built by speculative developers like John Wood the elder and John Wood the younger. I wonder what they would think if they knew how much these houses are worth now.

' "The Circus" consists of three long, curved terraces designed by the elder John Wood to form a circular space or theatre intended for civic functions and games. The games give a clue to the design, the inspiration behind which was the Colosseum in Rome.

Like the Colosseum, the three fa├žades have a different order of architecture on each floor: Doric on the ground level, then Ionic on the piano nobile and finishing with Corinthian on the upper floor, the style of the building thus becoming progressively more ornate as it rises. Wood never lived to see his unique example of town planning completed, as he died five days after personally laying the foundation stone on May 18, 1754.' (Source : Wikipedia)