The Most Wanted And Most Waiting Car 2011


After showing off a concept version at the Tokyo auto show events 23 October to 4 November 2009 ago, Honda Motor Co. eventually. Ltd. to market Honda's Compact Renaissance Zero, or the CR-Z coming in February specifically for the Japanese market.

Honda CR-Z After that Honda will bring it to the European variant and the U.S. in the second half of 2010.

Brochures and advertising in virtual worlds such as Honda called motorauthority explained, the car will use gasoline engines 1500 cc four-cylinder power capable of spraying up to 114 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

While maximum torque, 145 Newtonmeter (Nm) at 4.800rpm.

Conventional engine with an electric motor that tech dikimpoikan typical Honda - Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), which generates up to 13.5 horsepower. Honda hybrid sports variant of this system is equipped with six-speed manual transmission.

But Honda also offers a choice of automatic transmission technology with continuously variable transmission (CVT), a six-speed. With the technology transfer rate of acceleration of the more subtle and barely felt.

The car was called the embodiment of Honda's commitment to the environment, both as an effort to meet the market demand for Honda, as called Takanobu Ito, chief executive at the July 2009 Honda ago.

"This plan (to produce a hybrid variant-ed) was done as part of Honda's new direction change in order to meet the demand for hybrid cars continue to rise," I Ito at the time.

But unfortunately, until now there has been no official explanation how the car was dibanderol

That said, Toyota as the manufacturer behind the launch of the Lexus LFA is willing to take the loss just to release this one product. It could be true when considering so many technologies that grafted Toyota on this one car. That said, 60% more than the car is made from carbon fiber so that the total weight of this car also can be pressed maximally.

LFA Project was started in the year 2000 and five years later, the Lexus under Toyota showcase this car in concept form at the Detroit auto show. Lexus plans to release only 500 units started in 2010. Lexus will produce only about 20 cars per month until the quota was met in about two years. Not only that, Lexus is also planning to select the applicants before allowing them to bring this car home.
Just caught a glimpse of this already appears that LFA is an exotic car. There are only two seats are provided Lexus LFA. V-10 engine capacity 4.800cc placed at the front as the engine power output is transferred to the rear wheels because the coupe is not using all-wheel drive system. This machine is capable of generating power at 553 horsepower with a maximum speed of around 325km per hour.

As mentioned earlier, 65% part of this car made of carbon fiber while the remaining 35% made of aluminum. This is also the cause of this LFA project so long in penggodokan included. Lexus initially planned to create a framework of aluminum in the middle of the project but plans have changed and now the frame is made of woven carbon fiber. These decisions have an impact on the total weight of about 100kg.

The use of carbon fiber was not only lose weight because of the desire car. According to chief engineer of the Lexus, with a carbon fiber body, the angle can be made more sharply so that the level was also increased aerodynamic. In testing, Car and Driver recorded a waktu3, 7 seconds to reach speed of 100km per hour. In addition this site also mentions that in high speed, it still remains stable LFA ridden.

This site is also mentioned in the matter of control, it feels very solid LFA although fully using electronic systems. Even if there are complaints, this site just to mention a little rough on the transmission mode is more automatic and the manual suggests using a more refined system. Agreed with Car and Driver Car Magazine is the opinion although the site is also mentioned that the design of instruments in the dashboard includes interesting. CNet did not mention the fact almost none of the weaknesses of the cars that they consider the evolution of the Toyota Supra

Update looks as if nothing had stopped at the Toyota car models. In later 2010, which in turn is the Toyota Auris facelift.

That a hatchback car with a Corolla platform is going through changes not only interior but also exterior. Auris would glide in England next year it will change the shape grille and bumper. The main lights would look more dynamic and different from existing models. Similarly bonnetnya.
toyota-auris-corolla-hybrid-concept 2010
At first glance, if observed, the Auris is almost similar to the Toyota Yaris. Increasing more views exist on the shape and design alloy wheels. Cyclic form is more sporty wheels with multi-beam design.

On the interior, comes with new colors and a touch of the materials that have better quality, especially at the highest version. Secured passengers who sat in it will feel more comfortable.

At the circumference of the wheel there is the ease in moving an automatic transmission. Toyota Auris has been equipped with gear shifting feature on the wheel. The result?

Driver response is more responsive because the process of moving teeth easily accessible with a finger or more ergonomic. Performance 1,800 cc engine fitted with CVT technology, so more subtle acceleration.
Another good news is the people of Europe, especially England would rather be in determining the type most interested in the Toyota Auris. The reason Toyota also intends to offer a hybrid version.

Hybrid Auris scheduled to be made in assembly plants in the UK, but the new Toyota will officially announce the end of this year. Santer news came Auris Hybrid will use the same technology with the Prius.

To monitor the extent to which the European community responses to the most environmentally friendly version of this, Toyota Auris will conduct tests with the Hybrid was the first time in England later in 2010