List of the attractive guys

This is my list of the attractive men. Hhaha, tumben yaah gw bikin post gini. Gw sempet googling jg buat cari tau biografi + pics tentang mereka. They are:

*The handsome guys:

 Soren Bregendall (C21)

Chace Crawford

 *The coolest guys:

 Penn Badgley

Lee Ryan

Nicky (Westlife)

 *The sexiest guy:

Enrique Iglesias

*The sporty guy:

 Leyton Hewitt

*Asian favorite guys:

 Daniel Wu

Nicholas Tse

Huang Xiao Ming

*The Funniest Guy:

Owen Wilson

 Stephen Chow

*The Indonesian guys:

Evan Sanders

 Al Fathir

 Kevin Aprilio

Huuaah, keren yaah?
That's the hottest male on dRezuecism's version. How about yours?