Smart and Economical Cars of Our Time

Japanese cars! Yes, if your question was what are some cars that can save me money? I have the answer right here. Take a look at Tokyo Japan for example. They use new technology which is pads that people walk on in downtown and this generates electricity. The city is very densely populated and people there drive economical cars. Small cars such as Honda civic hatchbacks, Nissan Versas, smart cars, Acuras, and so on. Gas prices in Japan according to the CNN chart as of right now 5/4/10 are 4.25 USD per gallon. Now for us this may not seem like a big deal but remember in Japan the minimum wage is about $40 to $55 per day. I am guessing in America an average worker who works an 8 hour day and receives 8.40 an hour is going to get around $68 dollars. You can see the difference in earnings easily.

Moving on, Japanese cars are very reliable (if taken care of) and can last usually over 200,000 miles. Now there is a good example of stretching your dollar. Plus an advantage to Japanese cars is how much modification, performance, and details you can put into the car. Secondly, "Honda has made over 50 million vetch engines and have never failed". -Top gear Jeremy) Looking at reality into the future I am guessing that gas prices will go up, as well as electricity rates, and food costs. Its wiser to have something that you can maintain easily like oil changes, brakes, and tires, and these are really easy to change with Japanese cars. Really it's a breeze to own a Jap car and simple to maintain. So next time your in the market for cars, get a Jap car!