New Design Modification Concept Ford Fiesta 2010 PT Ford Cars

New Design Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
New Design Concept Picture Ford Fiesta 2010
Long enough to make the public curious, PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) was finally officially introduced the new Ford Fiesta hatchback. Ford Fiesta comes in three types of 1.4 liters of Style (Manual) and Trend (Manual and Automatic), and 1.6-liter version of the Sport with a dual clutch transmission features six-speed PowerShift.

In this introduction, Ford gave an introductory price starting from Rp 167 million for the 1.4L Style (MT), USD 177 million for the 1.4L Trend (MT), USD 187 million for the 1.4L Trend (AT), and Rp 215 million for 1.6L Sport (AT PowerShift).
New Design Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
New Design Image Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
Introductory price? Yup, the price will go up later at the end of 2010. President Director of PT FMI - Will Angove told not know how much his ascension. "Currently we can not ensure. Have to see how the market, competition, as well as the exchange rate at the time, "he said.

Yet Ford Fiesta sure this will get enough positive response. Section, the Fiesta has the "Kinetic Design" a unique, luxurious interior with a view, as well as voice control system technology and bluetooth connection to mobile phone communication.
New Design Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
New Design Style Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
Ford Fiesta is also offered with colors that never exists in Indonesia such as chili orange, silver highlights, Black Mica, sparkling gold, phantom purple, true red.

"We successfully market the Ford Ranger and Ford Focus, so we're also very confident with the existing features in the Fiesta," explains Marketing Director of PT FMI - Davy Tuilan.

With luxurious features and cheaper price, the Fiesta can be a serious threat to the king of this class, namely the All New Honda Jazz. In other countries, this car allegedly nicknamed The Killer Jazz. Other brands such as Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i20, or cousin Mazda2, the Fiesta should also be alert to the presence in Indonesia.
New Design Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
New Design Interior Concept Ford Fiesta 2010
In Indonesia, the market in this segment there are 600-700 thousand units of vehicle. FMI announced initial sales target of 10 percent or about 60 thousand per year or five thousand per month.

We are just waiting for this gait The Jazz Killer in the future if the nickname is valid here. Products of this country, Uncle Sam had to work extra hard to compete with Japanese products that control the Indonesian automotive market.