Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta

Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta
Modification Honda Vario Low Rider Jakarta to have the coolest new tamilan monopoly modifmania not just big cities. In Madiun, East Java, Donny Dwi Budianto of 73 Motor Honda Vario 2007 remodel his property until he could''aka''bodinya jig up and down like on MODIF car.

Donny aka Modern MEFRIK apply concepts, aesthetic, functional, Rational, Innovation, and Creative at berlambang skubek packed wing. The most prominent and practically MODIF breakthrough in 2009 that the use of air suspension (water-sus), which makes the body can rise and fall as many have been adopted in the modification of cars in the country.
Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From JakartaVario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta
"It's like a big-matic trends in Japan," said Donny. To be able to operate a water-sus, it uses 550 psi pressure compressor. To shockbreaker used hydraulic diameter 4 cm, which is used on the car door.

Because funsgi shock just to go up and down the body, then add the shock Donny placed under the saddle near the bay front shield. Functions, in addition to compress and rebound adjust, as well as to stabilize the body. To operate the water-sus, using two buttons placed at the center stabilizer.

Another breakthrough from Donny, consider the shock front. He dared to adopt a monoshock. "The work itself using the pipe and the model as in Vespa," he explained. In order for a custom look, the fiber was wrapped and given the chrome.
Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta
Not only that. Look at the lights. Home disposable Honda Airblade and mica lamps have an advantage, the inside-custom disposable projector models from the headlights. Meanwhile, LED lights dusk already apply.

As for the behind the creation of 73 motors. Pointy shape following the stern line with multi-LED lights. There is also the brake lights and Sein.