The Biggest Motor Cycle

Motorcyclists, or bikers, face many hazards from the road itself as well as from other drivers. These hazards necessitate protective clothing to provide a modicum of protection from the hazards of impact with a car or the ground. One of the biggest hazards of any motorcycle, however, does not come from any outside force but rather from the motorcycle itself.
All vehicles with a combustion engine have to expel heat from the controlled explosions somehow. When the gas meets oxygen and a spark, an exothermic reaction occurs, releasing small bits of water and lots of heat. The heat has to be dispelled from the interior of the engine somehow or else the engine will overheat and the vehicle will stop working.
Vehicles, large and small, typically use a tailpipe to remove the heat and exhaust fumes from the engine itself. The emissions are carried from the interior of the engine to the outside world via the tailpipe. As noted earlier, one of the chief byproducts of the process of combustion, which is what powers cars and other vehicles, is heat. The tailpipe, because it carries heat from the engine to the outside, gets very hot.
Because it gets very hot, it is very dangerous for the body to make contact with the hot tailpipe. Contact can cause serious burns to the legs which can be not only painful but dangerous. Touching the tailpipe, depending on its location, can cause a rider to make an error that can put his or her life in danger.
To combat the threat of the motorcycle tailpipe and prevent burns, pants should be worn when out on a motorcycle. It may be hot in the location but it is far better to wear pants to prevent the risk of burns. In addition to preventing burns, pants when riding a motorcycle provide a layer of protection between the road or a vehicle or anything else the biker encounters.
When a motorcycle is moving at significant speeds, if the leg or other part of the body makes contact with concrete or asphalt, it takes literally seconds for the road to grind the leg down to the bone. Adding motorcycle-specific pants to the biking attire provides a few more seconds of protection and allows the road to shred the pants before coming to skin, lessening the sped at which the leg makes contact with the ground.
So not only do pants protect a leg from the heat of a tailpipe, they also provide a layer of protection from the road.