do you take an interest in life You might well answer that it all depends upon what taking an interest means and you would do well to answer in that we because much trouble is caused in life through people not expressing themselves in a clear enough way.of be living than dying it is probably that almost every living person is interest.
If however we take it as given that every would tather live than die we must find other meanings for the words. we can indeed be interested in life from very many points of view many well to do and highly successful business men have reached that happy state because they have found a great interest in living their own their lives to the full and not paying too much attention other people actions they have got up each day ready to overcome any difficult that may face them and willing to meet any demands that life may make upon them when time habe been had they have not lost their heads but have remembered that the years in fronts of their best in their daily live and in return they have found success.