Exercise No 24 of English Short hand

paper itself has come to us from the far east where it east first used. but the word paper has come down to us from the near east and different from of the word are found in several languages.
paper is certainly one of the most common things in the modern world.Every day masses of it are used every day masses of it are burnt and every day masses more of it are made and supplied to the waiting people of the world.
people always want paper and the manufacturer of it need not fear that the demand for his product will fall off. without paper our modern life would at least for a time come to a complete stop.it is indeed very much to be questioned whether our modern life would at least for a time come to a ever have c about had come htere been no paper or some other product of a like mature which was cheap lasting and serviceable.
Without paper we could not writer letter to one another millions of latters are written every dat some written on paper,
before the use of paper writing had first to be done by cutting the characters out of stome and later by using maerial which cost so mich that inly such peole as kings ans army leaders could have them the common people could not like and it would have then have been nothing on which to write and of course we can see at once how impossible it would be to teach people to write if there was no cheap material on which to write .
today we in this country all go to school as children and there we learn to write and to read and as soon as we can write and read simple words we begin to learn other things until most of us end up by kbowung something about quite a number of things some know more and some know rather less but it is just about impossible to find anyone in this country today who has had the opportunity to learn. and for this happy state of things we generally thank the government . little mote than a hundred than a hundred years ago it was by no mean a natural thing for all children to go to school but the government that have one another throughout the years have made it more and more possible for young [eople to go to school until we have reached the state today when we believe that not only should all children go to school and so learn to read and to write but we believe further that all children should be given the opportunity to received higher education if they show thmselves able to take advantage of such training .
the government have been very wise and helpful in passing all the .
acts which have brought us to this happy state but the facts is that it was really the supply of sheap paper in great amounts that made it possible for us all to learn. can we picture what school life would be like without our notebooks and our instruction books there would stand a teacher and facing him would sit or little children longing let us say to read and to write to learn about the history of their own country and of other countries to learn about their own country and to lands but the teacher has no books because he has no paper and the children have nothing on which they can write and then take away their work and learn it, everything must be done from memory .the teacher has to remember what he has been told and the children in their turn have to remember what they have been told . memory is often a poor help. nearly everyone finds it easier to learn through reading words than through heating them .if we wish we can read the words in a book over and over again but the words of the teacher once said are lost for ever . we can of course ask him to say them over again but the time taken to learn wholly in this way would be so great that the children would end up by knowing very little in most cases.
Learning became general when books became general.While books were the property of the few learning was also the property of the few. Now books may be had for the asking and learning too may be had for the asking .it is only out personal qualities that limit the field of our knowledge.