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Mai Shiranui::: Mai Shiranui, sometimes referred to as Mai Shiranui::: a character from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK (now SNK Playmore). In her mind, Andy Bogard, who studied Ninjutsu with her grandfather, Hanzo, is her fiance. The relationship between the two is often ambiguous, usually on the part of Andy, who at times seems to suppress their feelings by treating her like a sister. Mai Shiranui is a character in the most liked man, because he is the character of the most beautiful and sexy. He usually wears a very low cut blouses, dresses, and clothing to maximize the exposure of cleavage, and most fight scenes involving Mai include several pictures that focus mainly on the breasts and buttocks. seems the very Cosplayer total as Mai Shiranui. they look very sexy and sweet with the costume! everything great cosplay!!