kawazaki z1000

kawazaki z100

fat type
hand lendlebar has volume concentrated
at center

line formed by the compact front cowl and
flared tank slopes tho the front
creating dynamic movoment

sharply slpoped front cowl made possible by
compact line-beam handlamp .slim
repositioned instrument panel and
repositioned key slinder

cool air intake ducts add volume at the front of
the bike

fronk guards add folume at the front
af the bikr

flared tank is tapared at the rear.minimising
rearward volume
slim new rear sub-frame enable
is the side covers to be elimited

slim flame design contributes to riding
position while minimising
reword volume

shorter slincer move volume forward

shrounds whit integred turn signal add
volume ad the centre at the bike

under -clowl add volume low and at the front
of the bike