Honda Vario Racing Look Concept 2010

Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
As a sniper drugs work to overcome boredom, Aswin who work as a Movement Control Apron PT.Angkasa Pura at Juanda airport in Surabaya to take steps to modify the Honda Vario Racing Look Concept besutan apt introduction to this work.

Low Rider still be modif racing look concept, "While working in Surabaya, loss MODIF coz if not all accessories are widely available here," said this man Makassar origin.
MODIF Vario Racing Look own loot that was started by mengcustom feet wide footprint.

Application of the front rim behind the property with Tromol Suzuki Jimny car he had designed himself in turner from the factory default orsi Tromol materials.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
"I'd rather own my idea like a triangle with a wide front, turned away-turned even the steering wheel and the bracket itself was pure from my designs even kubikin own rear fender from ingredients in fiber," added the boarding house residents in Jl. 46 Manyar Sedati Supreme Sidoarjo.

Body areas are also getting creative touch on a unique-looking headlights were round headlamp foglamp owned cars and pearl white finishing elected body that still looks cool impression on this Vario Extreme modification.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
Specification MODIF:
Rim FRONT BACK: Suzuki Jimny, BAN: FDR 160/60/17 120/70/14 & Swallow, SCHOK BACKGROUND: Yamaha FIZR, mirror: Stage REM Handle: Brembo, TACHO: Type R, FILTER KARBU: Koso, exhaust: Honda Revo, seats: by Cak Mad, Painter: Airbrush Bhagonk Sidoarjo, MODIF TOTAL: 5 million.